Although I retired from having a wedding chapel, I still marry couples!  I have a very lovely small office in Canoga Park that I can meet clients at to issue a marriage license (and get a quick 'I DO') so that you can be legally married in about  45 minutes at my desk!  Its all legal paperwork at my desk.

I can also travel to your location (home, restaurant, banquet hall, beach, etc) and perform a wedding ceremony (and can also issue the marriage license if you haven't already purchased one at the courthouse).

My Canoga Park office is a very lovely tiny office with a desk, a couple of chairs and computer equipment.  Its ideal for those couples who want to be legally married with no frills, guests or other formalities.  Its plain old basic legal paperwork, and it can be done in under an hour.

There's no "office hours" as I'm retired and the office is used strictly as a meeting place to issue the marriage license and get the paperwork done.  So its whatever date & time we decide on that works for you and I.  A small deposit will be needed to hold a marriage license for you, as well as to drive out to the office to meet you.

All services, whether its at my office, your home, or another location of your choosing will require a small deposit (to hold the date + time, as well as a marriage license if you haven't already purchased one from the courthouse).

Deposits can be taken over the phone (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express), or via PayPal.


Typically, a couple obtains their marriage license from the courthouse or county offices.  However,  those places are so busy that they've authorized a handful of notaries to issue confidential marriage licenses in order to lighten their load.  Unlike the courthouse or county offices, I'm not limited to weekdays from 8:30am-3pm (when one or both of you are working), and I come to your location!! 

Sometimes that location is a hospital, and I make getting married a reality by coming to the hospital to issue marriage licenses and perform ceremonies... something impossible without my services.

I've been authorized by the Los Angeles County Clerk / Registrar Recorder to issue marriage licenses since 2005.  I've issued thousands and thousands of marriage licenses since then.  I'm fast, efficient and reliable... and I've had a zero (0) percent reject rate from the county (that means there's not been any mistakes on any marriage licenses that I issue).

You can rest assured that when you call, I'll be at your place to issue the marriage license when I say, and that the marriage license I issue will be error-free and NOT rejected by the County Offices like so many of the licenses issued by novice notaries.

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