First, you need to make sure you both qualify in order for me to issue you a marriage license by meeting ALL of the requirements outlined at the following link:

       Requirements For Confidential Marriage License

If you meet the requirements, call me to schedule your appointment.  Once I arrive, here's what will happen:

1) You'll be asked to confirm that you're both over the age of 18 and living together (no 'proof' that you're living together is required).

2) You'll be asked if either of you were married before.  If no, go to step 4.

3) If either of you have a marriage that ended in the past 2 years, I'll ask for proof (divorce or anullment papers signed or stamped by a judge, or a death certificiate).  These papers MUST be in English.  If they were translated into English I can NOT accept them.  I will make a copy of your marriage termination papers (divorce, anullment, death certificate).  Make sure they're legible and not chewed up by the dog or retrieved from the washing machine (yes, it happens!).  If you had a marriage terminated by Divorce or Anullment in California, you'll need to provide us with  form FL-180 or form FL-825 (signed or stamped by a judge) - I can not accept any other forms for a California divorce or anullment.

4) You will be asked for your ID's (Drivers License or DMV ID from anywhere in the United States or a Passport from anywhere in the world) - cannot be expired or temporary.  I will make a copy of your ID's.

5) You'll be asked to fill out the marriage applications in front of me.

6) I will type up the marriage license and we'll all sign it.  I'll also place our notary seal on it. 

7) If you also wish to be married on the spot, I'll ask for your "I DO's" or perform a short civil ceremony in front of your friends/guests.  I'll leave you with the "Customer Copy" and file the original with the Los Angeles County Recorder's office. 
NO WITNESS(es) NECESSARY if I provide the marriage license!

8) You can pick up your official marriage certificate(s) at any Los Angeles County Recorder's office once your marriage is recorded (takes 4 to 6 weeks).  The cost is $15 for each copy - you pay this to the County Recorder when you pick up your marriage certificate(s), not to me. 

It's that simple!

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