Each of you must be at least 18 years of age.
. You must both be living together. While no proof is required, you're both stating under penalty of perjury that you're living together. Your ID's are for identification purposes, not for verification that you're living together. If you just moved in together today - you're living together!
Government-issued photo ID: I can take a Driver's License from the United States or Canada, or a DMV-issued ID card (United States), or a Passport (anywhere in the world. Any of the above 3 ID's must be ORIGINAL and PERMANENT (ie: plastic drivers license or DMV ID, or original passport), can NOT be expired, and must have your picture & signature. I am NOT allowed to accept temporary or interrim ID's or passports. I am only authorized to accept one of the above 3 ID's (if you get your marriage license from the county clerk, they may be able to take other ID's but I cannot). If the DMV has punched a hole in your drivers license, then the drivers license is no longer valid!
. If you get your marriage license from the county offices, you must get married within the next 90 days. If you don't get married in that time period, the license will expire and you must purchase another license. I can marry you on the spot, but if you already have your marriage ceremony planned out for a future date, you'll have a couple of months before the license I issue expires.
5. Ceremony must be performed in California. California is a "ceremonial state" which means that just getting the license does not mean you are married -- you must have a third person to perform the ceremony -- ordained clergyperson, judge, retired judge or deputy commissioner of marriage. I can issue the license AND perform the required ceremony, or you can have someone else (qualified) to perform your ceremony and sign off on the ceremony portion of the marriage license. No witness(es) required for a ceremony using a confidential marriage license.
. As of 28 June 2013, same-sex couples can now be married in California!
. If either of you has been divorced in the last two (2) years, you must bring along a copy of your divorce papers. If more than 2 years, we need exact date of divorce. Same applies for annulments (provide copy if in the past 2 years, otherwise date). If your divorce or anullment took place in California, that would be form FL-180 (Judgment) or form FL-820 or FL-825. *SEE "NOTE" BELOW.
. If either of you has been widowed in the last (2) years, bring along a copy of the death certificate. If more than 2 years, we need exact date of spouse's death. *SEE "NOTE" BELOW.
All Divorce and Anullment papers must be signed or stamped by a judge - the ORIGINALS must be in ENGLISH!! Death certificates must also be in English! If not in English, we cannot accept the papers regardless of who translated them. You can still get a marriage license but you'll need to get it from the County Clerk's office instead.
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