I accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express).  I also accept "Apple Pay" at my office. 

All appointments and services will require a non-refundable deposit because I'm either holding a marriage license for you, or locking in a date and time that's exclusive to you (other couples wanting the same time will be turned down). 

This deposit also pays for my  time, gasoline, and wear & tear on the vehicles in the event that something goes wrong and I cannot issue the marriage license (ie: you lost your ID or didn't realize that its expired, or don't have the right documents we need, or you changed your mind, etc). 

Things that can go (and have gone) wrong:

   - Invalid & expired ID's
   - Temporary ID's or ID's the DMV punched a hole in.
   - Lost ID's
   - Invalid or improper Divorce or Anullment papers.
   - Lost Anullment or Divorce papers
   - Lost Death Certificates
   - The couple changed their mind
   - Someone sends us to somewhere else as a prank
   - Invalid or Improper Address
   - Unable to gain access to your location

By charging a non-refundable deposit, this covers my expenses in case I'm unable to issue the marriage license to you, or have turned down other couples because of reserving a particular date and time for you. 

Of course, if my equipment fails and I'm unable to issue the license because of equipment failure, I will refund the deposit.

The balance is due upon my arrival.  Cash is preferred.
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